Flight Booking

We give our clients competitive fares by offering awesome money-saving deals. We are partners with the global distribution system therefore our rates remain competitive and you skip the queue.

Competitive prices on over 600 airlines worldwide.

Experience better flights & connections with more than 600 airlines worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should i get a visa to visit a country ?

Every country has its own laws regarding entrance by non-citizens. We will assist you in checking the specific laws governing the country you are visiting.

I will be traveling with an infant can i book online ?

Yes, you can book for infants without seat online. Infant booking it’s to complete together with the mother booking.

My Electronic Ticket has a different name from my passport what should i do ?

You should ensure that the name you provide when you book your travel matches your ID or passport name you will use when traveling.

How do I cancel my online booking ?

Please send your details to info@kambeworld.com and one of our support team will contact you.

What does does direct flight and connecting flight mean ?

Direct flight or non-stop flight gets you to your destination with no stops or connecting flights. On the other hand a connecting flight will at some point require the passenger to change airplanes. Something to keep in mind is that connecting flights may require a transit visa.